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Anyone who has watched modern-day television or read about privacy online has likely heard of the “dark web” or perhaps the Hidden Wiki. Wikipedia’s Hidden Wiki isn’t an encyclopedia-like Wikipedia’s regular version. However, this is the place to go if you’re looking for a resource that you can’t find on the Internet.

If you’re ready to enter what is less dramatically referred to as “the onion network” and begin accessing websites that most people never see, we’ll guide you to get to the Hidden Wiki. 

What is Hidden Wiki?

The Hidden Wiki is a selection of Tor onion websites that can only be accessed while using the Tor Browser, which is available for free on the Tor website. It adheres to offering a private and secure user experience to all users. There are numerous hidden wiki sites from which to choose. Sites that are both popular and unpopular can be found on the Internet. Many people believe if you are searching for illegal goods or services on the open Internet is the starting point for police investigations. Thus it’s preferable to avoid it.

Hidden Search Engines

Commercial Markets


Email Providers


Forums / Social


Hosting / Software Services

Whistleblowing / News





The Onion Router (TOR) 

Onion websites must be familiarized with before you may access the Hidden Wiki. It’s a popular misconception that the “dark web” is a network of websites using a top-level domain name. An onion website ends in “.onion” rather than the more familiar “.com,” making it more difficult for users to remember. Using directories like the Hidden Wiki, you may quickly locate related websites because the URLs resemble random strings of characters.

Private Browsing

Onion websites are inaccessible in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or other standard web browsers. Furthermore, they aren’t secure, which defeats the purpose of anonymity. In order to use Tor, you will need to download a particular browser. For the most part, it’s like any other browser, but before you start browsing, it randomly connects you to three volunteer machines part of the Tor network. PrivadoVPN’s virtual private network can be used with these proxies to hide your location and access onion websites.

The default search engine is DuckDuckGo rather than Google, which you’ll undoubtedly notice right away. To be clear, this is deliberate. Google makes money by keeping track of everything you do online and selling it to advertisers. Use their service for unrelated site logins and record your search history for subsequent analysis. DuckDuckGo is the ideal search engine for privacy lovers because it does not collect personal information.

Why should you choose Hidden Wiki?

Below are the reasons why you should prefer Hidden Wiki:

  • Anonymous submissions are permitted.
  • You can find anything on this site because there is no censorship.
  • Since Google or other search engines do not index it, your searches for illicit content will not be directly traced to you even if the website is eventually shut down.
  • The site is updated regularly with fresh onion links, and it’s pretty simple to add new sites yourself.
  • Don’t be concerned about delayed loading times: fresh content can be accessed instantly without downloading anything first.
  • If you wish to access hidden wiki pages, type the URL into the Tor Browser and press the Enter key.
  • Onion connections and categories are abundant, and the number of options is constantly expanding.
  • If you’d like to contribute, please go to the contact us section and send a new onion link at any time.
  • The site automatically refreshes every three minutes to keep you up to date, but you may adjust the refreshing pace if that’s too frequently for you.
  • It can be visited from any location as long as the Tor Browser is installed and operational.
  • If the site goes down for any reason, simply wait a few minutes, and it will come back up on its own.

The Hidden Wiki platform is a well-liked method of distributing content on the Internet. Because this platform is safe and confidential, you should exercise caution when accessing its links. 

The Hidden Wiki is an online repository for secret and unauthorized content. You can access it via TOR, an encryption program. Additionally, you must install a reliable antivirus and firewall program on your computer to safeguard against viruses and other malware. The hidden wiki is a subset of the dark web, the underbelly of the Internet.

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